12/11/2011 – New speakers.

The passenger side speaker was not working well – it couldn’t handle bass so there seemed to be an issue with the woofer cone. I bought a pair of 17 cm Pioneer speakerĀ  TS-E1702i, to replace them. This was a simple job of removal and disconnection, then connection and screwing straight into the bulkhead. All went well, and in a quick test they sounded good. I can’t see them being used much when on the move due to the noise, but there might be opportunities to use them.

Old Boston speaker on right, new Pioneer TS-E1702i on right

Old left, new right

17 cm mounting hole


17 cm speaker mounting hole - passenger side. Looks like some insulation was hacked away when they first installed the deeper speaker. I believe 13cm speakers were standard


One old, one new

New speaker

Old speaker

Old speaker, grille off

New speaker, grille off

Job done :)